Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical Items:

We will advise if electrical items appear to be in working order or not however all electrical items are untested by a qualified electrician and are offered for sale on the basis that the buyer should have the item checked by a qualified electrician before use.

Soft Furnishings:

Please note as our items are pre used they may not carry a fire safety tag. It should not be assumed that retro and vintage items meet today's UK fire safety standards.


Purchasing Re-Loved Items:

Our items are in vintage condition and therefore we take care to clearly show any imperfections in our images and descriptions and offer a realistic impression of each item to the buyer before they commit to any purchase. We also offer the buyer the option to view any product before purchasing.


We do not have a large storage facility and will therefore deliver any purchased items as quickly as possible. We usually deliver on the day of purchase or within a few days on an agreed day.